Equipment & Spare Parts Supply

Equipment & Spare Parts Supply

Integrated and Efficient Spare Parts Solutions
Based on the client-centric strategy, Sinosteel MECC provides all-in-one solutions for metallurgical equipment and spare parts supply. Sinosteel MECC supplies comprehensive one-stop service to respond to our clients' needs.

Sinosteel MECC supplies equipment and spare parts in every aspect involved in metallurgical industry, from mining, coking, sintering, and pelletizing to iron making, from steel making and continuous casting to steel rolling as weH as after rolling procedures. Sinosteel MECC devotes itself to proposing reliable plans for spare parts supply and, to optimizing services such as spare parts planning, site survey, revamping, manufacturing supervision as well as after-sale service.

• Support for your production
• Maintenance & revamping service
• Evaluation of equipment in operation
• Consultant for planning of storehouse
• Central supply of spare parts

As an intergrative supply platform in both domestic and overseas market Sinosteel MECC is committed to be a dose partner of clients, and to play an indispensable role as a supply center for metallurgical equipment & spare parts. 


• Spare parts and equipment has been sold to more than 30 countries and serve to over 100 customers
• Local service has been established in EU, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Vietnam, etc;
• Long term and stable supply of service channel has been bridged to ArcelorMittal, Nippon Steel, JFE, ISDEMIR, JSW,ERDEMIR, TATA Iron & Steel Co., Ltd and other steel groups.


Scope of Supply
Our scope of supply covers mining, iron-making, steel-making, steel-rolling, energy saving and environment protection.

1. Main spare parts:
Rolls, Oil-film bearing, Bearing seat, Sector section of conti-caster, Mould, Coller drum, Wrapper roller, Hearth roll, Radiation pipe, Heat exchanger, Slide gate nozzle, Ladle, Slag pot, SF cooling stave, Tuyere, Hopper, Converter Trunnion ring, EAF cover, Water-cooling shell, Pallet car of sinter machine, Coke oven door, Crusher jaw. eet.


2. Individual equipment:
Torpedo car, Mud gun, Iron notch drill, Crane, Blower; Deduster, Oxygen generator; Various pumps and valves, Various vehicles, Equipment of nodular cast iron pipe production line, Gas Holder, Belt Conveyor, ect. , ..


3. Refractory material and Mineral materials:
Carbon bricks, Silica bricks, High alumina bricks and so on for BF, Hot stove, Converter, Reheating Furnace, Coke Oven and Ladles, Iron ore fines and Magnesium fines.