Intergrated Stell Complex

Intergrated Stell Complex

SINOSTEEL MECC has acquired the full capacity to undertake steel complex construction on EP(fEP basis after years of development and experience accumulation.
6MT Plate Integrated Steel Complex (EPC) for Cangzhou Zongheng Industries Limited

Phase I 2MT 2007-2008

Main Content of Phase I :

• 1 x 23S0m3 BF

• 1 x 240m2 sinter machine

• 2 x 10m2 shaft furnace

• 6xlSOm3 Ume Kiln Plant

• Steel making workshop(including 15Ot converter, 150t LF, two strands slab caster)

• 2xl2S0mm Continuous Rolling Walking Beam Reheating Furnaces

• 16S,OOOm3 SF Gas Holder


Phase II 4MT 2008-2010

Main Content of Phase II :

• Mechanical material yard

• 2.2MT Coke Oven Complex(4 x SSovens, 6m top-charging)

• 2 x 23S0m3 BFs

• 2 x 240m2 sinter plants

• 2MT Pellet Plant(Grate-kiln)

• Steel making workshop(including 2 x 1 SOt converters, two sets of 2-strand 230mm x 16S0mm Slab (asters)

• 2x1780mm Continuous Rolling Walking Beam Reheating Furnaces

• 5O,OOOm3 Coke Oven Gas Holder

1 MT Iron-making System Project for Kunming Iron and Steel Honghe Plant (EPC)

• 2x450m3 Blast Furnaces

• 2x90m2 Sinter Plants

• Matching Raw Mate'rial Yard

2.1 MT Iron-making System Project for ISDEMIR, Turkey

• 1 x3050m3 Blast Furnace

• zxssovens, 6m Top-charging Coke Oven Batteries (l.3MT/a)

• 1 x300m2 Sinter Plant