Steel Making & Continuous System

Steel Making & Continuous System

Business Scope
Sinosteel MECC undertakes various steel making and continuous casting projects, induding hot metal pre-treatment, converter, EAF, billet, bloom, slab and round continuous casting, secondary refining system and auxiliary facilities, such as dedusting, oxygen plant, water treatment system, lime plant and so on.


• Billet Caster • Round Caster • Slab Caster • Bloom Caster

• 4Ot-300t

Secondary Refining:
• LF: sOt -1 SOt
• Vacuum Refining (RH, VDandVOD) :4Ot-300t

Hot Metal Pretreatment:
• Stirring Method (KR Method) (Desulphurizing, Dephosporizing and Desiliconizing)
• Injection Method (Desulphurizing)

6MT Steel-making Project for Cangzhou Zongheng Industries Limited, 2007-2009
This project includes 3 sets of Hot Metal Pre-treatment, 3x150t Converters, 3xl SOt LFs, one RH Fumace and three Slab Casters.
175t EAF and Billet Caster Equipment Supply for ICDAS, Turkey from2002-2004
120t LF (EP)for ERDEMIR, Turkey, 2006-2007
2-strand Slab Caster for TOSYALI, Turkey
Steel-making Project for Tianjin Seamless Steel Plant
The project was successfully put into production in 2005, including 90t UHP EAF, LF, VOD, billet and round caster. The product mix is: square billet-150*150mm; round billet- 0150mm to 0 200mm; steel grades are carbon steel and alloy steel.